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A note on Japanese style Acupuncture

Because of its delicacy and precision Japanese or meridian style acupuncture is essentially painless. Patients who refer their entire family can attest to the fact that it doesn’t have to hurt to be successful.

Patients often experience profound relaxation. That relaxation leads to physiological and psychological healing that drugs have difficulty in matching.

In Japan Oriental Medicine is called the medicine of vital energy. Japanese style acupuncture specializes in effectively moving and balancing that energy without depleting it. That is why it has the flexibility to treat so many Illnesses and pain conditions

Approach & Philosophy

At Healing Alternatives…

You have options to heal without drugs or surgery

Your body is empowered to use it's own healing energy

You are a complex being with emotions, spirit and hopefully a sense of humor, not a bag of diseased organs

You can grow in health, energy and laughter

If this sounds good to you we invite you to explore what we have to offer.

Melody Pickell MSTOM, L.Ac.




Melody offers a unique combination of western and eastern experience. Her undergrad degree is in Physiology. After graduation, she went to work for NASA researching the effects of stress on the body. Her experience working in hospitals caused her to question the western focus on treating symptoms when she saw patients returning again and again for the same problems. Her search for a better way led to a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine with a specialization in Japanese style Acupuncture and functional medicine. She enjoys learning and teaching and seeks to empower her patients toward optimal health

Aubrey Kelly DAOM, L.Ac.

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Dr Kelly is a knowledgeable practitioner who has experience in treating most issues. Her background in the Environmental and Anthropological sciences has influenced her 5 Element/Japanese style of treatments. She incorporates herbal and nutritional therapy, mindfulness practices, sound, essential oils and functional medicine into her treatments. Her ultimate goal is to empower you and guide you into your most optimal level of health and wellness. She holds a Masters degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate from Emperors College of Oriental Medicine. Her Capstone project focused on the benefits of Acupuncture for PTSD. Specific areas that Aubrey continually works with include: anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, GI distress, adrenal fatigue, and mindful aging. In addition to private one on one treatments she also offers a community clinic and a qi gong class here at Healing Alternatives. For more information about Aubrey please visit her personal website: www.elementslifecare.com

In her free time she practices yoga, qi gong and plays at the beach with her dog Bo.