Needle Shy

There are many treatments available to Oriental Medicine that don’t involve needles. Acupuncture has simply received more attention. We usually use a combination of treatments suited to an individuals symptoms and level of health.


Herbal Formulas

Herbs are used in combinations according to principles perfected over 3000 years of study. The use of herbal medicinals has reached highly sophisticated levels in Oriental Medicine. It’s versatility and lack of side effects makes this a great place to start when you are looking for improved health or relief of symptoms.


Vitamins and Supplements

I am not a great fan of more is better school of vitamins and supplements. There are a few things I feel most people should take. Usually I will recommend something to treat a suspected deficiency or as a temporary support for a health or mood problem. I can also help you streamline your supplement routine and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Gua Sha and Cupping

These can be considered a form of deep tissue massage. They can be very effective treatment for many types of pain. Gua sha is a simple and painless treatment for varicose veins and skin problems. Cupping is also a very good treatment for chest colds and coughs.


Moxa is an herbal “wool” that is used to warm or invigorate certain strategic points or areas or the body. It can be used with or without needles to treat a wide range of symptoms. Problems as diverse as pain, fatigue and digestive upsets respond because it warms, relaxes and enhances circulation.


Essential Oils

I don’t use essential oil simply as aroma therapy. They can be chosen and combined according to the principles of Oriental Medicine then applied to areas or points of the body to stimulate or soothe. Oils can be used with or without needles. I consider them a form of concentrated herbal therapy

Far Infrared Therapy

This is a modality that is used to reduce inflammation so it is very effective in treating chronic conditions especially pain of all kinds. It can also be used as a gentle detox so it is a wonderful treatment for all kinds of skin problems. It can be combined with other forms of treatment to enhance healing and relaxing.


Soothes away pain and creates healing by enhancing communication between cells.